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How are we doing as a business of the future?

How are we doing as a business of the future?

Its a challenging time to start a business of any type. Our core values have lead the way and got us to this point.

Mila J & Co was founded from a passion for the health space and to bring forward a new way of working from a sustainable standpoint. Incorporating our values has been of course a challenge as business is never neat and easy. 

How are we doing so far? We are constantly thinking of ways to improve and this will never stop. As soon as we can pivot to something better, we do. That will be our mantra until the days become old.

Our points of difference and what is going on behind the scenes.

  • We have less waste as we only make to order. This puts us at a slight disadvantage commercially due to providing our customers with quick fulfilment - however we believe in the end, the ones that care will wait a little longer when they can.
  • We donate returned items to local charities and offers damaged apparel to animal shelters who can use them for their needs.
  • Our team of merchandisers is constantly working on adding new items to our product catalog, and one of their 2020 goals is to diversify.
  • Sourcing and adding premium products that yield high-quality print results take time. For each item, we test samples from several suppliers to see which works best. After our team is sure which product is the winner, it’s added to our store.
  • Our printing process is constantly being challenged to be as eco as possible by using the most advanced technology and systems.
  • Collaborating with like minded suppliers when it comes to eco responsibilities.
  • The fulfilment factories recycle (paper, cardboard, plastic, and batteries), and use energy-efficient LED lights in our offices and fulfillment centres, and they are always looking for new ways to save energy.
  • Having fulfilment on both sides of the Atlantic gives us a chance at shorter shipping times to those regions, which is helping with carbon foot printing.

There are of course still challenges but gradually we becoming a less wasteful and more sustainable.

Everyday is a school day around here, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks for being part of our journey and enjoying being part of our conscious journey into a better world.

With Love, Sx