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Our Retreats are an opportunity for you to be guided on an inward journey to reflect, contemplate and reconnect with your inner world.

The Soul Retreat

Kate Spreckley 

Soul Mastery

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5 Places (Sole Occupancy per Ensuite room)

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Daily Sessions (2hrs)

Mastery of the Heart

In this segment you reconnect to the power of water and your emotions. Here you will explore, uncover, heal and release blocks to your heart awareness. You will come to know and understand your emotional body how to work with and manage the emotions.

Mastery of the Physical

In this segment you will reconnect with the power of the Earth, your physical form and the physical world. You will heal, release and transform all that no longer serves. You will unlock the energy and power of the Divine Feminine to bring balance and creativity back into your life.

Mastery of the Mind

In this segment you will reconnect with the power of Air, your mind and consciousness. You will come to know and understanding the different levels of consciousness and how to expand beyond the limits of your thinking. You will unlock the power of consciousness by reconnecting with the Divine Masculine.

Mastery of the Spirit

In this segment you will reconnect with the power of Fire and your Spirit. You will uncover the wisdom and beauty of your Divine Child to better understand the spiritual path you are following in this life.

Mastery of the Soul

In this segment you will reconnect with the power of Ether and your Soul. You will travel the different realms of existence to gather the energy of your Soul. You will unlock the wisdom and guidance of your higher self and come to understand your purpose in this life. You will unify all aspects of your being and bring yourself in harmony and balance with all of Creation.

Patwant Kaur

Kundialini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. It is a physical yet deeply meditative practice. Through this ancient technology we acutely observe, tune into and allow all that is moving and living within us. We bring into alignment and strengthen the connection between body, mind and soul. 

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My retreat offering

We are living in times of immense turbulence and transformation which brings with it unknown territory , externally as well as internally. It feels like we are all stretched to our capacity on every level, in every way, as we expand, evolve, refine and grow. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to tune into our inner guidance system.

Our intuition.

That quiet inner voice that knows exactly how to respond in each given moment, no matter how challenging, fraught or joy filled. Through our practice this week we will be working with kriyas and meditations that connect us with, and enhance our intuition. We will fine tune, hone, develop and allow space for acute awareness. This acute awareness allows space for the wisdom of your cells and soul to speak.

Who would benefit from these teachings

These teachings are ancient and timeless and are for everyone. Beginners and advanced yogis are welcome. If you are looking to deeply connect with your innate wisdom, truth and deepest joy through the transformational practice of Kundalini Yoga do join us. What you will take home You will take home accessible, practical tools to quickly shift your state of being and consciousness. If it resonates Patwant can assist you with a relevant meditation or a kriya that you can incorporate into a personal daily practice.

Other special offering/s:

Reiki with Patwant @ €60 per hour. What is Reiki? Reiki is a very gentle, subtle form of energy healing that is beautifully relaxing, nurturing and unblocking. The healer essentially channels infinite, healing, life force energy which activates your healing potential and power. We make use of specific symbols that act as keys that open doors and potentise the healing. No one healing session is the same. You will always receive what is exactly perfect for you in each session. It stems from Japan, the founder was a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui. Patwant is a Reiki master and has been practicing this form of energy healing since 1998.

Why I teach yoga

Patwant Rhodes: I teach Kundalini Yoga because it is an absolute privilege to witness the transformational effects of this practice in peoples lives! It has been my daily practice since 1999 and I have been teaching since 2001. I am a full time yoga teacher, healer and poet from Cape Town. In the last 5 years I have been travelling and teaching at festivals, exclusive resorts, retreats and privately, this I absolutely love doing.