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Face Tubes and Masks

Lets face it, its not what any of us want to do. But during these times for extra security from face touching and a small reminder to keep washing our hands and away from our face, find our fun co ord face masks and tubes to brighten up your mood. 

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The Soul Retreat

Change is being demanded of us all and knowing what and how can be  daunting task as we navigate the uncertainty in our world.  As such it is essential that we find ways to reconnect with our soul to gather the wisdom, clarity and insight we need.

Our Soul Retreat is an opportunity for you to be guided on an inward journey to reflect, contemplate and reconnect with your inner world. 

The Soul Retreat

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About Mila J & Co

Mila J & Co creates beautifully curated purposeful designs inspired by a life long passion for yoga, nature and sacred geometry. The language of our bodies, our being, the innocence of youth and our relationship with the natural world, compelled us to create active wear that feels so good that you can even sense the ancient power.

We listen, learn and create with you in mind. Your feedback inspires our next design and with this insight we are growing a beautiful community.

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