From a deep practice of meditation and yoga I realised the power of manifestation and intention is within us all.

Having been told that I would not have children 15 years ago, I set out on my own journey to defy the odds.

Mila J was born only a few years later.
Named after the word 'Milagro' [Spanish for Miracle, Wonder]

I have decided to bring Mila J & Co into existence
with Mila, for Mila, to help her integrate what she learns at school and to encourage a healthy mindfulness and environment.
Wearing such powerful prints brings a new layer of manifestation into your daily practice, gym session or simply wherever you chose to wear them.

Mila has named the collection after her friends and family, the next generation of up and coming women, which represents a conscious collection of strength and beauty.
Thank you for dropping by our store. Namaste
Sam & Mila.J