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Our vision

If there’s one word that sums up Mila J & Co, it’s ‘connection’. Everything we do is based on the idea that we are all intrinsically linked to each other and to the planet. From the way we process the materials used in our products, to the sacred geometry that underpins many of our designs (and is woven into the fabric of, well, everything!), honouring ‘oneness’ feels right and it feels good – just like our clothes.

Our story

Behind the scenes, Mila J & Co is about our own mother and daughter connection too. Mila was 11 years old when we decided to launch a soulful start-up from our home in Hampshire, UK. Since that day in 2019, we’ve worked together to bring everything she’s learnt at school into the ‘real world’ – a process which allows her to see the value of her education and understand both the responsibility and potential that comes with being an active participant in the world.

Our principles

Right from the off, Mila was clear about the importance of being as kind as possible to both people and the planet. So, we use ethical suppliers who pay fair wages, and we only make what we need. Doing things this way means our customers pay a bit more and wait a little longer, but we think you’ll agree that it’s worth it. We’re still looking for a more eco-friendly material for our products, but as soon as we can pivot to a better solution, we will – and we’ll be the first to tell you about it!

Our designs

We take our inspiration from nature, be it the botanical world, the animal kingdom, or the building blocks of all that. There’s an ancient spiritual concept called Sacred Geometry, which advocates the use of patterns and structures embedded in the natural world – intricate ‘mandalas’ composed of mathematically precise shapes – for reinforcing our connection to the universe. By wearing our designs, you effectively add this layer of intention to your yoga practice.

Our future

For now, it’s business as usual. But Mila’s growing up fast and one day, she’ll be ready to use the toolbox of skills this adventure has equipped her with to make her own way in the world. We don’t yet know which one of us will continue the business when that happens, or how it might evolve. But one thing’s for sure: we’ll always make beautiful clothes and with the best of intentions, so that you feel as good as you look when you wear them.