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Inhale Happiness, Exhale negativity

Inhale Happiness, Exhale negativity


Emotions such as anger, fear, frustration, or inaction are energies. You can absorb these energies from other people without realizing it. If you tend to be an emotional "sponge", it is important to know how to avoid absorbing the negative energies of others. If you are a crystal lover, perhaps wear a protection stone.


Anxiety, depression and stress can convert you into an emotional sponge that absorbs all of your defenses. When you least expect it, you find yourself in tune with other people's negative feelings. It's called empathy: we take full responsibility for the affairs of others without resolving our own.

Releasing negativity while cultivating happiness with these easy steps

Find out if you are susceptible. The people most likely to be overwhelmed by the negative energies of others are the "empathic" ones. Here are some factors of this type of people:


  • People telling you that you are very sensitive, without the intention of paying you a compliment.
  • You feel unhappy and suffer from a feeling of suffocation in the presence of many people.
  • Other people's anxiety, fear, and stress transfer to your body in the form of physical pain.
  • Talking too much, noises and smells trigger your nerves.
  • You need to be alone to charge your energies.
  • You are a generous, spiritual person and a good listener.
  • You tend to always have an "evacuation plan", to get out of situations quickly.


Look for the source. Ask yourself if this negative energy is coming from you, other people, or both. If the emotion, fear or anger, is yours, then carefully

Get away from whoever is generating these negative energies at least 100 feet. Don't worry about offending people. If you are in a public place, move if you feel that someone is "affecting" you with their low vibe.

Focus on your breathing. This exercise will allow you to connect with your essence. For several minutes, exhale the negativity and inhale the calm. Try researching how breath can help you more, grab a book, it seems crazy to learn about breathing but I bet you learn a lot more than you thought you could.

Protect yourself. A good way to do this is to visualize a covering of white light (or any color you think might impart power) around your body. Think in this light as a shield that prevents all negative energies from entering you.  

Manage emotional overload. Don't be indebted to your ability to absorb other people's emotions: deal with that with these strategies: ·     

Learn to recognise people who can lower energy. It is easy to identify them: they are those who like to criticize, victimize, control or are narcissistic.·     

Consume foods that are high in protein before experiencing stressful situations, such as going out in a group.·     

Try never to depend on third parties to solve difficult situations: always stay in control.·     

Keep your private space in a house shared with others and make a stand for your own respect. 

Look for positive people and situations. Call some friends who are always able to see things in a positive light. Spend time with a colleague who can listen. Hope is contagious and serves to lift the mood.

Create and maintain a refuge to disconnect. Use a poster or a picture of a waterfall or forest to look at it in times of stress and anxiety. Even better if you have a wood near your home where you can walk to feel the freshness of the planet.


Try to lead with compassion but at the same time protecting yourself.

Inhale happiness and exhale negativity and you will truly be able to see life from a brand new perspective!