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When distance meant love and it kept us alive....

When distance meant love and it kept us alive....

Its been 8weeks in lockdown for us here at Mila J & Co… where are we now. The beginning felt surreal yet abundant in time, there was mixed feelings for those first two weeks, am i sick already, all this time is amazing, my hands hurt from too much washing, my paranoia is on overload, … the list of thoughts went on.

By week 4 we were in the zone.. comfortable, relaxing, sighing, the news had been firmly switched off - the bubble created. Time seems to have gone quick since then and already we meet 8weeks with a feeling of normal.

As I reflect - I question if I have put that time to good use.. I could have done more, of course. I was heading for serious burn out as the pandemic hit… so I collided with the invisible wall that shut down the world and literally fell to my knees. It took time, it took patience, it took self care - I indulged in a new yoga mat - then I had to face it!

Yoga and Meditation are such a gift at any time in our lives. The new space became inner space and in there I found an infinite abundance I had never given credence to before. After 8 weeks I have dug further and understood gratitude on an even deeper level.

Lockdown is not over but I hope my story will be of deep realisation, living in the now and believing in the power of humanity to collectively come together to do the right thing. Be well gorgeous hooomans. Slow down and breathe - Namaste Sx