Why do we avoid certain yoga poses?

Why do we avoid certain yoga poses?

How many times have you resisted?

"Yoga is not for me"

 "I can't do these positions"

 "It's too hard"

 "I'm fed up"

 "I don't understand the meaning"

 “Why do I need to focus on the breath”?

 “I'm sick, I'm uncomfortable. Aren't there simpler positions? "

You are not alone. But do we need to change up our mindset? Re evaluate the meaning? Go easy on ourselves?

Lets change up the narrative.     

  • I do yoga because it will help me stay calm.·     
  • I do yoga because it will help me with sciatica.·     
  • I do yoga because it will heal my back pain.·     
  • I do yoga because it will help me with gastritis.·     
  • I do yoga because I'm agitated and I have to learn to stay calm·     
  • I do yoga because it brings well-being·     
  • I do yoga because otherwise I risk getting into a fight with my boss·     

Facing the mat is emotional, its meant to be.. this is where we release and expand. It's a journey into self.

Let us accept ourselves as we are that we are perfect exactly the way we are.

Be free from judging yourself always and constantly, you don't have to hide the frustration of having perceived this or that as a defeat because it is not a defeat.

Maybe defeats don't even exist. They exist only in our minds. So live yoga as a step by step, breath by breath practice and try to respect and honor your body from  what you can do at the moment. No frustration is needed when it comes to yoga! A little goes long way, experience and observe yoga and, instead of focusing on a goal or an outcome, try focusing on the emotions and the feelings while practicing.

A thousand mile journey always begins with the first step.

Go with Love. X